Passion Farm is a place where non-profits in Africa help each other grow and succeed. It is a place where thinking outside of the box—as one—is strong and commitment to changing the way philanthropy is done is even stronger. At Passion Farm, we believe in the power of every individual, and we push each individual to believe in the empowerment of the family, community, and workplace. We believe in the free marketplace, and we understand that success there can never be substituted. We believe in leading innovation, not watching it from behind. And we believe in the core tenets of giving back, handing up instead of handing out, and always placing the value of inclusive conscientious entrepreneurial capitalism where it belongs—at the top.

Color Him Father Foundation (CHFF) merges civil society with the private sector to create better ways to inspire and motivate African companies and their working fathers to create a nurturing home environment for their children. We bring together accomplished corporations, diaspora communities, government, non-governmental partners, and like-minded citizens around the world to create a stronger civil society and workforce in impoverished nations. 

As a member of the Passion Farm community, partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations mean one thing to CHFF: we organize; we prioritize; we think and do what is best for local communities; and we grow. 

And our approach to the family, the community, workplace empowerment, and growing successful partnerships is simple: inclusive conscientious entrepreneurial capitalism.


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