with grit, we empower

we do fatherhood empowerment

we do youth empowerment

we do workplace empowerment

we do motherhood empowerment

we do community empowerment

we grow grit!

Does your company want to grow grit? Does your company want to empower families, communities, men, and women? Does your company want to help power the world?

Join Passion Farm!

The Passion Farm community believes in corporate social responsibility (CSR) because we believe in always being conscientious stewards of the earth and all of her inhabitants; we believe in inclusive empowerment; we believe in strong partnerships; we believe in the power of family and strong communities; and we believe in free enterprise.

We espouse the core belief that made us and today helps make others strong: long-term, conscientious, entrepreneurial-led social enterprise works for everyone.

And we grow grit.

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Our name is changing, but our mission is staying the same. We are still the Atlanta-based nonprofit dedicated to helping fledgling “empowerment” charities in Africa grow and excel. And we are still pushing those charities led by fathers to never give up and to show that firmness of character, indomitable spirit, perseverance, stamina, and passion that must be channeled every day in order to truly succeed in life.


We coach, advise, and strategize for youth empowerment charities in the world’s poorest nations to ensure sustainability of social investment in the family, community, and the workplace.


GRIT ADVOCATE operates entirely in sub-Saharan Africa.


OUR VISION is a place where passionate non-profits, the likeminded leaders in civil society, and businesspersons mobilize for a greater good.
OUR COMMUNITY is called Passion Farm.
OUR PASSION for what we do is simple: we know that long-term success in Inclusive Conscientious Free Market Entrepreneurial-led change breaks the cycle of poverty.
OUR APPROACH to sustaining passion toward giving back has two key themes: Equip future leaders with the best innovation and leadership tools we have available, and develop smart strategies that align entrepreneurial minds with a desire to succeed in the business ventures most needed for economic growth.
OUR TOOLS for success are simple too: Stick to the things that make good things work great: social enterprise, leadership, innovation, sustained talent, and partnerships driven by success in empowering others to succeed.
OUR GROWTH comes from smarter Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagement, especially within projects countries where such win-win investment is yet to be tapped.
OUR YIELD is the simplest of all: We espouse the most basic of moral ideals. All human beings deserve respect and dignity and every effort must be made not to only ensure their human welfare, but we also must empower the advocates. We not only grow charities that believe the same, but we sustain and scale them by capitalizing on what our leadership knows best: putting Growth Mindset (grit) strategies at the top of every mission statement.


GRIT ADVOCATE seeks to partner with local charities that espouse “growth mindset” principles of empowerment and commitment to a greater cause. When such partnerships are formed, we will take all necessary steps to not just succeed but also inspire and lead others to success.

If your nonprofit fits under any of our three strategic programs, it is time to partner with us.