Does your company want to grow grit? Does your company want to empower families, communities, men, and women? Does your company want to help power the world?

Join Passion Farm!

The Passion Farm community believes in corporate social responsibility (CSR) because we believe in always being conscientious stewards of the earth and all of her inhabitants; we believe in inclusive empowerment; we believe in strong partnerships; we believe in the power of family and strong communities; and we believe in free enterprise.

We espouse the core belief that made us and today helps make others strong: long-term, conscientious, entrepreneurial-led social enterprise works for everyone.

And we grow grit.

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Your support will help fledgling “empowerment” charities excel in Africa. Your support will build leadership skills inside families, communities, and the workplace. Your support will foster new social entrepreneurs and spur local innovation.

DONATE by Check:

Make check payable to: Grit Advocate
2026 Woodland Way
Atlanta, Georgia 30338

Grit Advocate is a 501(c)3 “multiplier” nonprofit. We empower its leaders so good charities grow.

All donations are tax deductible. Please retain our donation email, which will be provided to you immediately following your donation, as your tax receipt. Grit Advocate, a 501(c)(3) organization, has not provided any goods or services, in whole or in part to you in consideration for this voluntary cash contribution.
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