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We think smarter. We work smarter. We give smarter. And we grow passion smarter . . . as a group and outside the box.

Our approach to family, community and workplace empowerment is simple: Inclusive Conscientious Entrepreneurial Capitalism

And we espouse core community-driven missions that resonate beyond borders.




Understanding the challenges that confront young inventors and the growing need for sustainability of both resources and talent in Africa, every youth should be inspired to become a better steward of this earth, both in the home, in the school, and within the community. Understanding the impact that education in STEAM programs – Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math – and the honor such education brings to the community, family and myself, the youth must be inspired to apply the knowledge to the social, environmental, and economic needs that surround them. They must be inspired to learn. They must be inspired to give back. They must be inspired to build. They must be inspired to lead. They must be inspired to honor themselves, their family, and their community. And, above all, they must inspired to champion others to do the same.
Under an Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Zambia, the George N. Mtonga Scholarship for Academic Excellence, and Color Him Father Foundation has partnered with the Ministry of Education to launch the Young Inventors “I CAN” Club of Zambia in the fall of 2016. NEWS FEED



The greatest weapon one can use to beat the cycle of poverty is education. This why PAD Power, a grassroots Menstrual Hygiene awareness program in the Southern Province region, which aims to empower and educate teenagers in Zambia, is so critical. By ensuring these girls do not miss any days at school during their academic lives, we can give them a fighting chance in the future to beat the vicious cycle of poverty they find themselves in through no fault of their own. All the girls registered on the Pad Power project are from households that survive on less than three dollars per day, and most, if not all, would be forced to use dangerous and unhygienic alternatives to tampons while in the classroom—or they might simply not go to class during their menstruation period. In addition to providing safe and hygienic products for use, PAD Power provides workshops facilitated by professional registered nurses who work for the Government of Zambia’s Ministry of Health.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Zambia, the Charles Mwense Foundation and the Color Him Father Foundation have partnered with the Ministry of Health to expand PAD Power’s reach beyond the Southern Province. NEWS FEED


STEM the Arts – ZAMBIA

Few people will disagree that art is a God-given gift that every child needs access to. It sustains life and powers the mind, and that is why Northern Film and Arts Association (NFAA), a Youth Media Empowerment Community based in the Northern Province of Zambia, is leading the way. NFAA’s objectives are simple: 1) ensure that the arts are embraced and treasured by poor youth; 2) encourage poor youth to embrace the culture of the arts, skills, and know-how, and to pursue opportunities in the field; and 3) push each youth to be a positive resource that contributes to its community’s social welfare. NFAA has a membership of over 900 young people, many of them being creative writers/film-makers, musicians, painters, cultural dancers, public speakers, motivators, agriculturists, artists, models, photographers, and athletes. And its community outreach runs the gambit: Solar Energy youth projects, Green and Peace/Unity campaigns, Environmental/Health Community programs, Health (HIV/AIDS and Youth Behavior Change), the “READ” Campaign, No Violence Youth, Water and Sanitation programs, Rural Community Awareness programs, and many others that affect the life of a youth.

Under a formal partnership agreement, Northern Film and Arts Association and Color Him Father Foundation will partner with miscellaneous Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education organizations to launch “STEM the Arts” in the fall of 2016. NEWS FEED

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