Does your company want to grow grit? Does your company want to empower families, communities, men, and women? Does your company want to help power the world?

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The Passion Farm community believes in corporate social responsibility (CSR) because we believe in always being conscientious stewards of the earth and all of her inhabitants; we believe in inclusive empowerment; we believe in strong partnerships; we believe in the power of family and strong communities; and we believe in free enterprise.

We espouse the core belief that made us and today helps make others strong: long-term, conscientious, entrepreneurial-led social enterprise works for everyone.

And we grow grit.

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“More than ever, foreign policy is economic policy. The world is competing for resources and global markets, and corporations are playing an unprecedented role. American businesses, by exemplifying our country’s culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, and promoting the values of free markets, respect for human rights, the environment, the rule of law and the free exchange of ideas, can foster a positive image of the United States abroad and advance security, prosperity, and sustainable economic growth for America and the world. The core tenets of corporate social responsibility underscore the importance of effective cooperation and partnership between our government and American businesses that operate abroad. Together, we will continue and intensify our work to meet international challenges, protect our interests, and promote our values around the world.”

— John Forbes Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State

Color Him Father Foundation’s founder spent more than ten years overseeing the State Department’s trade advocacy and corporate Stewardship promotions in Africa. He understands and values the positive relationship between good businesses and good stewards and invites southern-based companies to be a part of fatherhood efforts in Africa.

Good stewards seeking to do great things to support fatherhood empowerment in Africa, please let us know.
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